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March 2020, with Australia and New Zealand in a pandemic lockdown we decided to create our new business Anzone Sports Limited. Owners, Vince Oconnell (NZ) and Stuart Dempster (Australia) gradually created and developed the idea of creating our own brand of Hockey stick. After much testing by players in New Zealand and Australia we have finally honed sticks which are superb to play with as well as being great value for money.

Anzone Sports, as the name suggests, will sell accessories for other sports and activities and we already such as replacement running spikes. We will add more items as we develop forward from here.

INVECTION – described, as an introduction of something from an outside source. Well, Covid 19 certainly was the “source” of disruption to traditional work, trading practices and indeed our way of llife in 2020, and as a result, we too had to transition our existing business to meet the challenges of delivering world class sporting products and user experience during trying conditions globally, and so, ANZONE Sports was born in March 2020, by two passionate and experienced local businessman and supporters of sport, Vince O’Connell; Stuart Dempster.

ANZONE Sports plan to market a wide range of sporting goods, sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and design houses, specific to elite level sport, to ensure you both see, feel and experience value in our range of products and accessories, as we continue to build our brand presence, at both the Hockey turf and at Track and Field events within the Asia Pacific region. We believe in everything that we do, and we do this, by delivering the best products and accessories, designed with you in mind. We are ANZONE Sports……. How can we help!

Vince O’Connell, trained as an aircraft engineer, studying both material strengths and weights and he put this knowledge, together with Stuart’s extensive background in sport performance, into the design of the ANZONE range of sticks. The result being, what we believe, is the best preforming hockey stick, at the most competitive price, available in todays market, with both the athlete and the “power to weight ratio” in mind when designing  the ANZONE RANGE of hockey sticks.

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