Nelson Bay Movement Skills Clinic

Nelson Bay Movement Skills Clinic

Anzone Sport's Stuart Dempster delivered a clinic on how to move better and much much faster last week at Nelson Bat Hockey.

We had our demo sticks available too and most of the players had a hit with them.

“Lets Get Faster for Hockey” clinic for Nelson Bay Club

Our club has invited Stuart Dempster from The Sprint Stable. Stuart is a movement coach who works with athletes from a variety of sports.
He has worked with Ryde hockey club and with Act/Nsw players.
HIs focus is on movement skills and works on speed skills, such as running from inertia for players defending the short corners.

The session is on the 10th of Oct at the fields from 6 to 7 oclock. It is open to all age groups and it is with no cost.

If interested contact Cathy, if you forget to contact myself just turn up.

Regards Cathy 0432761651Nelson Bay Hockey Clinic


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